EUSA is a private university center affiliated with the University of Seville and owned by The Chamber of Commerce of Seville. The University Center is part of the Campus Formativo of the Chamber of Commerce, which brings together Nuevas Profesiones (NP), the Vocational Studies School (degrees in 13 areas); Escuela de Negocios, the Graduate Business School (17 Master Degrees) and EUSA University Center, our Undergraduate School.

EUSA University Center has more than 50 years of experience in the higher education sector. It was the second tourism school created in Spain. EUSA offers official ECTS accredited Bachelor Degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Advertising & Public Relations, Tourism and Journalism. All of our bachelor programs are worth 240 ETCS credits and have 4 years of duration. EUSA also offers a five-year, double Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual Communication & Journalism that is worth 372 ETCS credits. EUSA gathers approximately 50 administrative staff members plus a faculty of 80 teachers, with an enrollment of more than 1.500 national students + 150 international students. The EUSA International Office developed educational internship and study abroad programs as well as customised and faculty-led programs. International students have the same study options as local students; they share the same program components, areas of study and are in class altogether.

EUSA and the Formative Campus of the Chamber of Commerce, to which it reports, have participated in several European and national projects relating to youth groups and career development. EUSA has always been committed to its core values of targeting students´ personal and professional skill development, but maintains a strong emphasis on innovation, employability and internationalization. EUSA has developed many programs for its local and international students, such as the Emprésate 360 program whose goal is to promote the integration of the business world into the Higher Education sector primarily through professional training workshops, personal orientation, and fostering and supporting entrepreneurship.

INCOMA is a specialised training agency working with projects of an international nature,developing initiatives and ideas to facilitate mobility exchanges and to improve training levels amongst citizens. It was founded in Seville in 2003 by a group of young people who had themselves previously been beneficiaries of E.U-funded educational programmes.

INCOMA's work primarily consists in the development of mobility and research projects, as well as in the transfer and exchange of good practice (targeting groups at risk of exclusion, eg. Unemployed young people, women and the immigrant community).

Throughout its 10 year history, INCOMA has grown and currently works with partners and clients from the majority of European countries. The agency also works in collaboration with other parts of the world, via services provided by the INCOMA group (which, in addition to the consulting agency, comprises of a language academy specialising in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners.)

In addition, INCOMA identifies itself with the core values of the E.U., such as democracy, social justice and respect for minority cultures, ensuring that it promotes European awareness at all times through its projects.

FILAB is a recently established organisation bringing together decades of professional experience in planning and implementing small and large-scale innovation projects aiming to empower innovation and potential in co-creation by engaging and involving different stakeholders in society. As a result, FILAB is a community built upon a network of high-profile professionals from a wide range of industries, government and academia. The engagement of the industry, SME´s, start-ups, research and academic organizations as well as professional interest groups and public administration enables FILAB to promote the widespread use of Future Internet and ICT based applications and services. FILAB operates along the Open Innovation paradigm. Focus is placed on the inclusion and the participation of ´PPPP´: business, research, public administration and people. FILAB enables its members with all of the benefits of an innovation-oriented community and its benefits. Due to the innovate focus of FILAB, its thematic preferences are concentrated on Smart Specialisation and Future Internet driven domains, and above all the uptake of emerging technologies. Throughout its members and personnel, there is a vast pool of experts and project experiences under different programmes funded by the European Union. The proper experience of international project management and participation is ensured by the decade-long experience of the members of the Association. Related projects of the members were funded under the Central Europe programme and the 7th Framework Programme. FILAB has a small management team of 4 people and a pool of experts from selected fields.

Inova Consultancy ltd. is a female-owned SME (4 staff members) which specialises in providing consultancy services and project work in the fields of employment, gender and non-traditional fields, and entrepreneurship. Inova has extensive experience in working on European Funded Projects in the field of enterprise and career support both as a partner and contractor in Erasmus Plus and LLP projects.

Inova has specialist experience in running workshops, training courses and mentoring programmes aimed at helping young people to improve their employability prospects and to aid women starting up or developing their businesses. Inova has also developed personal development/soft skills development workshops and developed the innovative training methodology of Mentoring Circles for entrepreneurs in the UK. Inova has extensive networks of individuals and organisations committed to increasing the numbers of women in under-represented courses and careers e.g. self-employment, across Europe and has vast experience of working on transnational projects, understanding dissemination, mainstreaming and evaluation requirements. Inova represents WiTEC (European Association of Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) and has access to 10 countries in Europe working in gender issues.

educommunity is a professional non profit association of teachers and trainers working in schools and Universities, aiming to support the improvement and development of their professional skills. educommunity is born as an initiative of a group of teachers and experts with a consolidated experience gained in lifelong learning in academic, educational, training and enterprise contexts